19 March 2006

The Sportsman's Spirit

The Sportsman's Spirit

You play a game of Tennis, Cricket or whatever you like. But remember a play is a play, not a war. The aim of the player ought to be to play the game the way the game ought to be played putting in his or her best effort and ingenuity. Winning a game is desirable but not essential for however well you might play the luck-factor cannot be ruled out altogether as you are a human-being prone to making mistakes and not a machine or a computer. To my perception only 50% is your talent and the other 50% is luck. To take the view that you lose your face if you lose the game is wrong and absolutely pointless for as I said earlier a play is a play and not a war. The sole object of a play is to refresh the player as well as the viewers. The right temperment for a player is to keep his cool right upto the end of the game and even well after the game. The right attitude for a player is to be able to appreciate the skill and ingenuity of the other player even during the game. Even the slightest ill-will for the other player poisons one's own mind and harms or weakens the player himself or herself. Good-will for all and at all times and a good sense of fairness strengthens one's own mind and body in which even the vitamin pills are no match. Good food alone won't do you all the good. Good thoughts are as important. Ask any committed doctor or psychologist. 'A healthy mind in a healthy body' is the ideal state to be desired. That would certainly lead to a healthy play and healthy viewing.

The viewers attitude towards the players should also be balanced. Cheer them up when they do well but don't boo them when they make a mistake. A player's skill should be judged by his overall performance and not by winning or losing a certain game.

Professionalism: To my perception professionalism takes the fun out of the game. The game gets limited to only a few professionals, especially on the international scene.


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