19 April 2006

Criminal Investigation

Criminal investigation is both an art as well as science. Adding ingenuity to the scientific methods is the art part. Clever and quick thinking coupled with intelligent deductions most likely yield results. These are skills that get honed with experience over time. In fact learning is a never ending process.

Third-degree methods(unlawful shortcut to investigation) besides being inhuman have serious drawbacks. You would never know whether the fellow is really confessing or faking confession to find respite from the agonizing torture. Imagine the level of torture that sometimes the victim dies during torture. Further, very often even an innocent is subjected to torture out of suspicion and imagine his feelings and imagine the situation when the innocent dies. One's conscience must prick badly, rather terribly bad. The maxim goes something like "May a hundred guilty get away but let not even one innocent be hanged."

Now,innocents getting hanged does not seem to be uncommon. Imagine the feelings of the innocent victim right from the time of being sentenced to the time of execution and in particular at the time of putting on the hangman's noose. Must be suffering a terrbile mental agony. Must we remain indifferent to his feelings?


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