08 June 2006

Some Noble Souls --- Their selfless service to mankind is remarkable. Their writings in simle plain language are wonderfully enlightening. Their lives are inspiring. Unless you read their writings you will never know how much you have been missing.

1. M.K.Gandhi (1869-1948): The hero of the Independence Movement of India during 1915 - 1947; advocate of truth and non-violence. Can you get along in politics without ever lying? But Gandhi did. Einstein said of him, "Future generations may find it hard to believe that a man like Gandhi walked upon this earth in flesh and blood".

His autobiography, "My Experiments with Truth" is of absorbing interest and very enlightening. A perfect example of perfect human character. Don't trust me; find out for your self by reading his writings, especially his autobiography. His biography was also written by an American journalist Lous Fishcher. It makes a wonderful reading. Very few people know of him today and even fewer are in a position to understand his philosophy of non-violence. They might do well to read Aldous Huxley's "Ends and Means'.

"God is not a person... God is an eternal principle. That is why I say that Truth is God. ... Even atheists do not doubt the necessity of truth." ---M.K.Gandhi.

2. Swamy Vivekananda (1863-1902): The hero of the Parliament of Religions held in Chicago, America in 1893. He spoke about Hinduism and made the world know there is religion to recon with. Not only religion, his advice to youth on character and conduct is so inspiring and so earnest. Read his writings you will find them so inspiring.

3. Albert Schweitzer: Lived in early last century. A German and was a doctor by profession. In addition to medicine he had doctorate degrees in Philosophy, Theology, Music etc. Having read in some journal about the pitiable state of health of people in Africa he studied medicine at a late age just to serve the people of Africa. He then travelled to Africa, put up with the extremely hot climate and miserable living conditions lacking even in basic amenities and served the people just for the sake of serving with the help of aid from charitable institutions of the outside world. How considerate of him and what a service! I recommend you read a little book "My Youth and Childhood", written by him to get to know more about him and his philosophy. It is so enlightning.

(There are many more. They will be added here a few at a time.)


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